SAYHOG Project Inventories

The objective of the project SAHYOG (Strengthening Networking on Biomass Research and Biowaste Conversion – Biotechnology for Europe India Integration) is to actively and effectively link research activities implemented within EU research programmes and related programmes by Indian national institutions.

There are significant numbers of research activities coordinated by EU and Indian funding agencies on biomass conversion. The SAHYOG Biomass and Biowastes Inventory focuses on documenting a detailed regional level analysis for availability, supply chains, and other factors such as transportation of the potential biomass and biowaste feedstocks for sustainable conversion to bio-material and bio-energy.

A fully searchable database is established for this SAHYOG Inventory that presents an overview of all available biomass potential from different categories of biomass and biowaste resources in EU 27 Member States and in India.

This database will be continuously up-dated with new data information related to all the biomass resources available during the course of the SAHYOG project.

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